OLED Technology Will Probably Be Delayed By Years Now

The economy, yay.

With the recent downturn in the economy, I don't think too many OLED manufacturers are going to start cranking out big production quantities and new factories. I doubt they're even going to invest much in their legacy LCD and Plasma technology. There's a pretty high likelihood that there are going to be some huge overproduction in LCD modules these days that won't get bought up by the market, which doesn't really pave the way for newer advanced tech like OLED.

No more LCD Price-Fixing

Sony Xel-1 11" OLED Now on Sale at Sam's Club for US$1748

Well, that's pretty much the whole story. The Xel-1 is now in the discount bin at Sam's Club in the USA (Think Wal-Mart's answer to Costco/Price Club). I'm betting that they just want to get rid of their current stock at what they paid Sony for, rather than Sony cutting its prices. So, it is hard to say if this is really a positive thing for the future of OLED technology or not.

Sony Launching the 11" XEL-1 OLED TV In Europe: Who Cares

Yes, Sony is going to launch this TV in Europe in 2009. 

I must ask, who cares?

You can already buy it off Ebay

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